Cannot convert csv file to vtk data

I have a csv file like this. When I attempt to convert to vtk data, it doesn’t appear to be functioning. Is there anyone I can get help from? I sincerely appreciate this.
vm_particle400.csv (979.2 KB)

You should use TableToPoints filter however, for some reasons, you VorZ data is not detected as a numeric column, check for incorrect data there.

The VorZ column is loaded into ParaView, but it is loaded as string data, not numeric data.

The problem is that some of the rows in your csv file are written incorrectly. For example, if you look in your file at around line 1130, you see rows like this:

-0.510058043,-8.911512859,E-002   4.2455102718950142E-004
-0.485367146,-8.915900859,E-002   4.5150538592104495E-004
-0.460714033,-8.920145216,E-002   4.1915024208197672E-004
-0.436105754,-8.924117912,E-002   3.7967088928050560E-004
-0.411550975,-8.927635731,E-002   3.3273248879052642E-004
-0.387061074,-8.930436586,E-002   2.7794269695842412E-004

It looks like whatever was writing your csv file wrote the comma out in the wrong place in these lines. (Or perhaps you have some text processing that replace substrings improperly.) Because the values in the third column are no longer proper representations of numbers, ParaView assumes that the data for that column are strings. Once you fix that, ParaView should load your csv file correctly.

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