Cannot link with custom widget

Hello dear Paraview developers!

I have added my custom widget to Qt/ApplicationComponents

Then I tried to edit cmake in my plugin:


to use it in my plugin. However, I face linking issues

Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State	Details
Error	LNK2019	unresolved external symbol "protected: void __cdecl customWidget::process_clicked(void)" (?process_clicked@customWidget@@IEAAXXZ) referenced in function "private: void __cdecl pluginWidget::slotValueChanged(int)" (?slotValueChanged@pluginWidget2@@AEAAXH@Z)

I understand that the header is accessible, but the definition cannot be found, but I cant fix this, help me please

Best regards

my custom widget to Qt/ApplicationComponents

I’d suggest to not modify ParaView sources but indstead use the mechanism showed in Examples/Plugins.