Cannot open ParaView after auto-loading python plugin

Hello ParaView support.

Using ParaView 5.10.1 and 5.11.1, I have a Python plugin “” which helps me read certain file extensions inside ParaView. This plugin works fine but everytime I load it using the Plugin Manager, I receive some “UserWarning” messages in the “Output Messages view” because of a Python module that I import (keep that in mind for the rest).
I have encountered 2 issues related to that and I would like your help on mostly the second one.

  1. ParaView freeze while using Plugin Manager
    That can happen when loading this plugin when the “Output Messages view” is not active. Because the warning message cannot be displayed in “Output Messages view”, ParaView freezes indefinitely.

  2. ParaView freeze when auto-loading python plugin
    I have encountered an issue where I added the Python plugin in the Plugin Manager where I ticked the “Auto-Load” checkbox. After closing ParaView and trying to launch it again, I unfortunalety get a never ending loading in the launcher, with no error message.
    I would like some help on how to resolve this issue please.

Thanks a lot, have a good day.

please share a simple plugin to reproduce

Hello. I cannot make you reproduce this warning because this happen in a company environnement where certain python modules used for ParaView are in conflict with python modules for other softwares of the company (the error happens while import h5py module).

What I want is how can I remove this plugin that stops from launching ParaView 5.11.1 while not being able to access the GUI Plugin Manager please.

you can simply remove the plugin from your settings by editing your settings manually.