Cannot read gmsh file

Hi all,

I tried to import a .msh mesh with Paraview but it created a crash: “Loguru caught a signal: SIGSEGV, error: exception occurred: Segmentation fault”

I am using Paraview-5.11.0 and I pay attention to load the gmshIO plugin as shown on the figure below:

Can someone help with this?
Thanks a lot!

Please share your data

Here is a very coarse .msh file that can be used: tmp.msh (1.2 MB)

Thanks for your help!

Loads fine in ParaView 5.12.0 Linux Binary Release

I cannot find this plugin in Paraviw 5.12.0’s Windows edition, but it is there in the Linux edition. Does anyone else have the same issue on Windows 10?

It is not enabled in Windows, because the libgmsh is Linux only.

Is there a workaround to load gmsh file on Windows?

Open it on linux and save it to another format that can be opened on Windows.