Can't color the glyph by cell data

Hi all,

I used the Paraview 5.8.0 to display the current density by Glypg filter, but I can’t color the glyph according to the cell data. There is no other option but ‘solid color’ in the coloring menu. I remember in the old version I can choose the color of glyph directly in this menu.

The following is my data
Xudong Li
jv_1_750.000000E-06.vtk (168.3 KB)

Known issue :

Thank you Mathieu,

It means before coloring the glyph, I must apply the Calculator filter first?

Yes, that is a work around.

So I am wondering if this issue is a bug or a designed feature?
I think the coloring in the old version is much more convenient.

It is an bug, I just linked it.