Can't compile two if the custom app examples

Have been trying to compile this apps and after lots of trial and error I finally did it except with two of them:

Demo1 and Speadsheet

Demo1 error

➜  bin ./DemoApp1
(   0.603s) [paraview        ]vtkOpenGLRenderWindow.c:761    ERR| vtkGenericOpenGLRenderWindow (0x7f9531087e00): Unable to find a valid OpenGL 3.2 or later implementation. Please update your video card driver to the latest version. If you are using Mesa please make sure you have version 11.2 or later and make sure your driver in Mesa supports OpenGL 3.2 such as llvmpipe or openswr. If you are on windows and using Microsoft remote desktop note that it only supports OpenGL 3.2 with nvidia quadro cards. You can use other remoting software such as nomachine to avoid this issue.
(   0.613s) [paraview        ]   vtkShaderProgram.cxx:447    ERR| vtkShaderProgram (0x7f9534da4b70): 1: #version 150
2: #ifndef GL_ES
3: #define highp
4: #define mediump
5: #define lowp
6: #endif // GL_ES
7: #define attribute in
8: #define varying out
11: /*=========================================================================
13:   Program:   Visualization Toolkit
14:   Module:    vtkPolyDataVS.glsl

Which seems odd because never had that problem. What’s different about this project from the others?

Spreadsheet error

I don’t understand what the problem is here.

Any ideas?