Can't import paraview.simple using pip or even import the module

I’m a master student and I’m facing the same problem in terms of import just the paraview.simple module. I tried to use the pip as I did with all the other libraries that I want. The error message is

“ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement paraview.simple (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for paraview.simple”.

My purpose to use paraview to create a good 3D view of aggregates in proteins. I’m doing my own code in order to analyze the size and everything but so far I’m struggling with just create a good 3D view of the matriz that I already have.

Coming to the topic, I tried to understand and I’m still learning how to use the paraview at my favor.
Hope to hear some good

To have ParaView in your python environment, you should use pvpython and for all add-on python libraries you should use a virtual-env system that you “mount” inside pvpython like we do here in our web project.

Thanks a lot for the comment. One thing I didn’t understand. So, is it needed to create a virtual-env inside of pvpython to be able to use the modules of paraview, right?

My coding skills aren’t the best but I think that I didn’t expose the question in clear way. So far, I create my virtual environment to use as python interpreter. After that, what I would like to do is call paraview to show and create the graphical interface. Therefore, sorry in advance if I didn’t understand, but what I want is call and run the paraview though my python script in order being a part of the program. Is it possible?

Or how can I import those modules to the virtual env?