can't open vtu with paraview from debian repository but can with version downloaded from the site


I can’t open a binary vtu file (attached) with paraview from debian testing repository, but at the same time the same file can be opened with paraview downloaded from the site.

I saw a similar (same?) problem has already been discussed here and there, and the solution was the same - use paraview from the site. The solution is fine with me in principle, but I still wonder why this is happening? Could you please point me to the root of the problem? I realize this question is more intended for the debian bug tracker, but… The last time I used it, it took them two years to respond, so maybe it will be a bit faster here).
mfd-kmc-brick.t_1.r_0.p_0.vtu (430.6 KB)

Nevermind, was fixed in unstable (

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Superb, thanks for sharing.

FYI @cory.quammen