Cant see object in RenderView window

I am working my way through the Paraview Tutorial version 5,6, On page 19 and 20 , after following instructions to open file disk_out_ref.ext2, I select the file in the pipeline browser, check the variables box in the Prperties menu, and select Apply. No Image appears in the RenderView1 window, although the manual says the objest should appear. What am I missing, and in the future is it possible to include screenshots in this forum?

All your steps look correct and you can include screenshots in this forum.

Hi Mathieu, thanks for your quick and complete answer. I have come to realize that the problem muxt be with the paraview package for debian bullseye. When I run Paraview underwindows( same computer) every works just as in the tutorial. If I switch back to debian everything stall, and a few times the system has crashed. Perhaps some day there will be a new package.

Please report this bug on the debian bug tracker.