Capture rendered images of CAVE mode created Win32OpenGL windows


Is it possible to capture trough ParaView the rendered image of the Win32OpenGL(highlighted in the image below) windows created when using a .PVX file?

Their buffers do not come together when capturing the buffer of the RenderView

Any material on how to achieve this would be helpful!

pvx used:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
  <Process Type="server">
   <EyeSeparation Value="0.02"/>
	<Machine Name="USER043"
		LowerLeft=" -1 -1 -1"  
		LowerRight=" 1 -1 -1"  
		UpperRight=" 1  1 -1"/>

I am afraid, not. This is not supported currently. Feel free to report and issue. In ParaVIew master, there is a mechanism that is used by the testing framework to capture CAVE or tile display results and it may be possible to use that or expose it to users in a more agreeable fashion.