Case-study: Using ParaView + trame on Azure

trame together with ParaView for data processing/visualization lends itself quite well for migrating workloads to the Cloud. Wanted to share results from some on my recent exploration of using ParaView/trame on Azure.

trame demo

Here’s a blog post that goes into the details of the design and along with the sample code for trying this out for yourself.


Very nice work Utkarsh! Thank you for sharing.

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That’s great to see @utkarsh.ayachit !

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Awesome, thank you for sharing!

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Sweet. Excellent example. I will pass this around at work.
How hard would it be to add additional functionality? Same as an Trame application? An example would be adding slices and clips.

Any trame application can be deployed using this setup. The demo simply relies on a containerized application and one easy provide a different containerized application. So yea, it should be fairly easy esp. if you already have an trame-based application to use instead.