Catalyst examples not up to date?

I have installed Catalyst 5.6 using Spack (with the +python3 variant), and I’m trying to build the examples. I got a bunch of error: ‘class vtkDoubleArray’ has no member named ‘SetTupleValue’, for which I corrected to SetTuple (I guess that’s the correct thing to do?), and my last error (which I don’t know how to correct) is in CxxMappedDataArrayExample/vtkCPMappedVectorArrayTemplate.h: vtkTypeTemplate.h: No such file or directory.

Are the example not up to date? Or maybe the examples are already up-to-date for ParaView 5.7 and won’t build with 5.6?


You should use the Catalyst examples from the specific source code versions. Note that after v5.6.1 that you’ll want to build all of the Catalyst examples together instead of individually. For example, point CMake to <source>/Examples/Catalyst and not any of the specific subdirectories under that directory.

Thanks, I had actually pulled the examples from an external repository (, and didn’t see that they were also in the ParaView distribution.