Catalyst2 and ascent


Is there an example of catayst2 working with an ascent backend?

Are you asking if Ascent Insitu will support the catalyst2 API?
Ascent is a different project than ParaView, you may want to ask this on their discussion board.

Somewhat orthogonal to your question, we are working to build a catalyst2 backend inside paraview that responds to ascent actions.

Hi Dan

In Catalyst 2, there is "node[“catalyst_load/implementation”] = “xxx”. Up to now, I’ve been using paraview for xxx. I’m wondering if “ascent” is now supported?

I heard that there was some work going on to support that and I was wondering what the status is and where I can get more information.

Hi Pascal,
That was the first part of my answer. You should check that with Ascent developers.Seems this is where you could ask this question:


That sounds good. I’ll check there and come back here if there are issues.

I talked to Cyrus and found examples at:

Great. Thanks for sharing this. Good to know Ascent is providing a catalyst2 interface.

I am using the spack build of libcatalyst; libcatalyst@2.0.0-rc3, and it has the following libraries:

However, ascent is looking for

I tried to build libcatalyst from and that gave me: in install/lib64/catalyst

How do I get

While libcatalyst provides the API, the actual implementation would be provided by Ascent. So look inside an Ascent build or install dir.

Hey Pascal,
The way to generate is to build ascent with the necessary paths.
If you have installed Catalyst, then you’ll provide -DCATALYST_DIR=<path to catalyst> while building Ascent. Let me know if it works for you.
Unfortunately, I don’t think the Ascent built using Spack supports the backend yet. But, I’ll talk to Cyrus and get it added.

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Hi Abhishek

Having in Spack would be great!

For now, what I have done is run build_Ascent and set build_catalyst:=true in

This builds libcatalyst and creates This works with the catalyst example in ascent but I still need to try with one of my example programs.

Perfect! Please do let me know if you have any problems running Ascent scripts through Catalyst.
I’ll be publishing a blog post about it sometime this week and will be including more documentation.