Category name changes

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #1

Hi folks,

We have been getting a fair number of misclassifications of posted topics on this site. What do you think of renaming some of the categories on this site as follows:

  • Change “ParaView Support” to “Support”
  • Change “Tips and Tricks” to “How To”

The intent for these name changes is to clarify the purpose of each category by name only (hopefully), and in the case of “ParaView Support”, removing the repetition of “ParaView” in the category.

(Mathieu Westphal (Kitware)) #2


(Brad King) #3

If those catagories have start-thread-by-email addresses configured, they may need updates to account for the new names.

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(Kenneth Moreland) #4

I’m a big fan of brevity, but it is not clear to me how these category renames will help the goal of getting users to classify their posts better. In particular, I think changing “Tips and Tricks” to “How To” is a step in the wrong direction. If I am a user who wants to know how to do something, I would be inclined to categorize my “How do I…?” post as “How To”, which is the exact opposite of the intended use of the category.

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #5

That’s a good point, and we’re seeing some of the same thing with “how do I” questions going under “Tips and Tricks”. I’m not sure how to convey that this category is kind of “read only” by name - suggestions are welcome. We could limit who can post in that category to those above what Discourse calls a “Trust Level” which quantifies the activeness of members. Limiting that to level 2 or above would enable most of the usual suspects to post the intended content there. I’m not a big fan of setting up access policies like that, though, as it just adds hurdles to contributing to the community.

(Kenneth Moreland) #6

I’m not sure I like this suggestion, but you could change the category to “Cookbooks” or “Recipes”. It’s not quite the same thing, but it’s close and would probably give new users pause before posting to it.

(Walter Alan Scott) #7

With regards to Support vs ParaView Support, I’m thinking it’s just different sides of the same coin. In other words, won’t help with the underlying problem.

With regards to Tips and Tricks, who should be posting in there? I believe the issue isn’t the name, but rather access. I would hope that we have few posts there, and they are actually useful. Thus, I would argue we DO want to restrict this section to stuff Kitware has vet’d, or to common users only (who probably know their way around).