celldata pointdata array length / memory issue

I use paraview to import openfoam data. Now to visualize data i use normally the pointdata because its looks nicer. The pointdata is interpolated from the raw celldata. Now both arrays have different lengths.
I’m wondering why the pointdata array is like 50% the length of the celldata array? I was expecting the other way around.

Regards David

Im asking because i have a programmable script which makes some calculations with pointdata that works fine. But when i want to apply it on celldata i get this error:
“numpy.core._exceptions._ArrayMemoryError: Unable to allocate 4.13 TiB for an array with shape (1869168, 607047) and data type float32”
Is there a workaround? I want to apply the script on celldata because i want to do some calculations that includes the mesh area.