CERI Earthquake Vis Lab Paraview E&O VR

Dear All,

I want to share some of the Visualizations and VR activities we do in our Lab (CERI Memphis Earthquake Modeling and Vis Lab).

We are focused on earthquake science, and Paraview (plus the Open VR plugin) has been an incredible tool all these years.
Thank you again to the Paraview team and the Paraview community.


Please click the links below to watch videos of the activities!

Dynamic Rupture VR 1

Dynamic Rupture VR 2

Class Implementation California Faults

AGU2021 Vis Lab interns presentation

AGU2022 electronic poster

Example of VR Remote Collaboration Mode

Example of using VR to explore an Earthquake Dynamic Rupture Model


Very nice!

Thank you Patrick!

Thank you so much for sharing! This looks great!

Thank you Cory!

This is spectacular to see the XR Interface plugin being used, especially by academics. Big improvements to the user interface of the plugin are coming with ParaView 5.12, we would be interested by your feedbacks @CERIVisLab !

Thank you Mathieu! Iā€™m excited to hear about ParaView 5.12.
And thank you again to all the ParaView team for providing such multidimensional tool.

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