CGNS: streamlines visualization problem

Dear all,

I imported the .CGNS file of my simulation containing the velocity field of my domain.

I tried to extract the streamlines using Stream Tracer and Stream tracer with Custom source.

In both cases my streamlines are cut (really short segment).

I tried also to extend the Maximum streamlines length, but nothing changed.

Do you know why this is happening and how can I solve it?

Please find attached the streamlines Figures.

Many thanks in advance.



Probably incorrect meshing, please share your data.

Dear Mathieu,

Thanks in advance for your support.

For the related data, please refer to this topic:

I “played” with the advance setting and I changed the Interpolation Type with Cell Locator instead of point Locator.

Now the streamlines looks uniform and not trimmed, but I cannot confirm if that was actually the problem that I was facing. (please see the attached Figure).

Many thanks in adavance.



This is indeed a way to fix streamlines when you have incorrect T cells in your mesh.