Change Axis Size and color


I would like to know that I can change the size of the XYZ axis and also if there is a way to change the color and size of the magnitude scale for better contrast (written in black for example)

I can’t generate good contrast in my images for export.
And the literacy ends up getting very small.

You can change the size of that axis in the lower-left corner by turning on the Orientation Axis Interactivity option in the Properties panel. The easiest way to find it is to type orient in the search box at the top of the Properties panel. Once you have turned on the Orientation Axis Interactivity option when you hover the mouse over the axes you will see a box that you can drag to move or resize the axes.

The text color can be controlled along with the background color using palettes. You can select a color palette using the button on the top toolbar that looks like this: pqPalette@2x

First select a palette with a foreground and background close to what you want (probably White Background). Then select Edit Current Palette... and use that to edit colors for features like background and text.

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