Change button size in GUI


I installed ParaView on both Windows 11 and WSL, and they work.

ParaView on Windows 11:

ParaView on WSL:

The front size and button size of ParaView on Windows 11 are suitable for me, while those on WSL are too small. I’ve increased the front size of ParaView on WSL. Is there any possible way to increase the button size as well?

In addition, ParaView on WSL will dead if I click “Maximize” on the toolbar. If I don’t do that, everything works normally.

My motivation of installing ParaView on WSL is because the speed of loading data in WSL file system. Although it is allowed for ParaView on Windows 11 to access the data in WSL via //wsl/… but the speed is very slow.



Hi @ZiyangHuang !

Thanks for doing extensive testing of ParaView on WSL!
Please keep in mind WSL is not an officially supported platform.

That being said, does using QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 ./bin/paraview works ?