Change in Critical Point Filter

Hi @Charles_Gueunet @julien-tierny and everyone !!!

In the tutorial video, there is step to select the

Use Input Offset Field

but there is no exact option in latest version:

i am clicking Force Input Offfset Field thinking both are same but paraview is just crashing again and again !!

and one more thing,

When i select Force Input Offset Field, Input Offset Field with input selection pop-up.


if that is meant to be replacement for the option in older version, what should i select in Input Offset Field.


What is the option of old version that is used in video in my version which is 5.10.1

Thank you

Hello @Pravin_Poudel

As we saw in your previous topic, there is no need to explicitely give the offset field anymore in TTK. Providing a non-conforming array may indeed lead to error as the order of the vertices may not be strict anymore.

You may also use the ttk-data repository. With the latest paraview and the provided TTK, I was able to load the dragon.pvsm state, which has been updated (contrary to the video).
In this new version, there is no offset anymore: