Vertex Identifier Field option not present in TTKTopologicalSimplification filter properties

Dear support,

In your tutorial on using TTKTopologicalSimplication filter there is an option called Vertex Identifier Field which you guys are suggesting to change the default selection in this case (example)

Accoding to the video i have to select vertex identifier !!!

but when i go to the my paraview (version 5.10.1) i don’t have this option.

what should i do in the current version !!

My screen:

@Charles_Gueunet @julien-tierny

Hello @Pravin_Poudel

I think you may want to click on the wheel to see advanced properties of the filters:

You should see the missing option then !


Thank you for the response but I still can’t find what I am looking for.

In your videos there is an input field for

Vertex Identifier Field and input options are

  1. Node Type
  2. VertexIdentifier
  3. PairType
  4. Pair Identifier

Where or which one is this option selection in the UI?

If I am not mistake, this is because the video was made with a previous version of TTK. The global vertex identifiers are now embedded in the triangulation and dealt with automatically.

The options that are now present may help you with vertex ordering for flat plateaus disambiguation. You do not have to care about the Ids yourself anymore.

@julien-tierny may confirm this.

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I confirm there is no need anymore to enforce the input offset field.