Change Text during Animation

Hi. I’m creating animations and would like to change the text itself of a Text Source.

Tried using “aaa”, ‘AAA’, [AAA], etc. No success. Any help would be very welcome.


You want to change the text over time, is that correct ?

Hi Mathieu,
Indeed, I want to change the text over time.

you can try AnnotateTime

Forgot to mention I’m using the GUI.
Attached two screenshot. So question is how to enter text here that will change over time.

Text is not animatable like that, you can use python annotation or programmable filter to implement your own logic.

Thanks for the clarification.
I was just confused by the three options you get when modifying the Text Source: “Text”, “Visibility”, “Opacity” (see screenshot). So I wonder what “Text” is doing (nothing?).

2023-07-07 14_44_10-ParaView 5.11.0-RC1

I’m afraid this is automaticallly generated and non-fonctionnal

Thanks Mathieu.