Change the arrow shape for Glyph filter

Is it possible to change the arrow shape when using the 2D arrow for the Glyph filter? the 2D arrow is very basic. Is there a way to change it to something like this one?


Click on “filled”?

Sorry I mean something like this one:

If I select the “filled” option, is there a way to change the shaft thickness? or simply fill only the arrow head without filling the arrow shaft?

Do you intend to have the arrows point the direction of your vector fields, or you just want an arrrow?

I would like to plot the velocity field.

I found a trick to achieve that using the 3D arrows by changing the tip and the shaft resolutions to 1. We can adjust the shaft radius, tip length, etc.

To plot the velocity field, you want to use the Glyph filter. One of it’s options is an arrow. It is very modifyable.

Unfortunately in my case I find the 2D Glyph useless. I want to get some nice vector visualizations (something like quiver in matplotlib, etc). So far, the workaround is to get something similar is to use the 3D glyphs and change both the arrow’s head and shaft resolution to 1.