Change the display of an axe

Hello everyone, I’m new to paraview and I have a dumb question. I currently trying to plot the evolution of the bathymetry of a bassin over time. However paraview display my x-axis in second and I would like to have it display in month or year. How can i do that i didn’t manage to find anything about this until now. So to be clear I want to keep the same scaling but I want paraview to display the value divided by by a certain amount withour changing the shape of my graph. I really just want to change the labels.

Thanks for your answers !!

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Time can be scaled using the Scale option of the Temporal Shift Scale filter. For example, if you want to change the time unit from seconds to years, you can set the Scale to



Thanks a lot for your answer it exactly what I wanted just to precise for futur reference that to apply this temporal scale to my plot I had to add it first to my data set !