Change time label in Current Time toolbar


Is there a possibility to change the text “Time:” in the Current Time toolbar to something else without rebuilding all ParaView?
We use different frequency values for optimization. The animation is handy, but the text is not appropriate for end-users.

The correct way to do that it would be through a dedicated toolbar plugin.

That being said, you may be able to do that using python Qt directly.

Edit: See @utkarsh.ayachit answer below

It’s possible if you have a custom reader/data producer.

See the code for plugin called “NonOrthogonalSource” in ParaView. It demonstrates how you can do that using a custom data producer. To test, load the plugin and create ShearedWavelet source and enable/set time label as shown below.


Thanks, it will help. Should modification via python script be also possible? We launch ParaView with our custom script already.