Changing properties of selected objects simultaneously

I’m aware of this post link but I think it should be another way to change the selected object’s coloring or representation simultaneously without using filters or links. It only changes the last selected object’s property. It would be great if there were a way to do it easily just by using gui.

Hi @mardar

So you want to use links without using links, I’m a bit confused here. What are links not achieving for you ?


Hi @mwestphal,

For example, in my work, there are 20-30 pipeline objects. However, I could only perform the linking process in pairs, which requires repetitive linking processes. Is it possible to link all of them at once?


You should be able to automatize that with python scripting.

Thanks for your reply : )

I don’t encounter any issues with linking in the representation. However, how should I go about linking the coloring feature? When I link two sources in object linking mode, the coloring behaviors aren’t being linked. I also couldn’t find the coloring feature under property linking mode.


You need to link the representations.

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