Changing pvd file after loading

Hi all, I remember that a few versions ago, when loading a pvd file, in the Properties panel I had the possibility to change the path of the pvd file, which was very very convenient as it allowed me to seamlessly switch from one result set to another, in a different folder, with just that small edit. Now I see it’s not there anymore and I was wondering if the option was removed completely or is just somewhere else to be found.

Thanks for any help!

Afaik, most reader voluntarily hide the FileName property.
You can change it using the python shell though
GetActiveSource()->FileName = ...

That’s a pity, it was really really convenient to have it there, being able to trigger a reload of all the filters. Thanks for the hint, I will give it a try next time.

Could you point me the version where you had seen this feature ?

If you need it you can simply add a new reader which expose the FileName and internally uses the pvd reader.
You can do that via a PythonProgrammableSource, a Python plugin or a C++ plugin.

It was in version 4.4.0 for example. Here is a screenshot of what i am referring to.


I wouldn’t be able to do the thing that you mentioned [programmable filter etcetera] on the spot, I would need to look into it.

This has been removed.

Here is an .xml plugin (5.2 KB) that exposes it if you need it.
However if will crash if the new file you select does not contain the same arrays has the initial one.

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