chaotic visualization in ParaView

Hey there!
the visualization in ParaView of the following vtk file looks very chaotic. The information about the connectivity respectively which points span the cells are created with a FEM programm called ANSYS.I exactly used all of these information and let them wrote in the vtk file. I’m kind of sure that ParaView has all cell Information because the number of elements/cells coincides in both programms. In ANSYS there is a visualization as well and the solid is smooth and looks like a cylinder as asssumed. All cell types are tetrahedrons.
Is it possible that not all surfaces of the tetrahedrons are shown in ParaView?
Or do you have any further ideas why it looks this wayKoerper1.vtk (175.8 KB) ?
Thanks in advance!

Hi JanPara,

Your dataset is very likely a bad vtk file. Mind creating a really simple dataset, of say 10 cells? The dataset you included has over 1000 cells/ elements.

Hi, thanks for the response!
But is a high amount of cells a problem in ParaView? I need all these cells or at least as many that the surface area is a smooth cylinder

A large number of cells is no problem for ParaView. However, if I am going to look at the file, by hand and eyeball, a large number of cells is problematic. With only a very small number cells, I was wondering if I could see the issue.

oh I understand! Here’s a one with ten cellsKoerper1.vtk (131.7 KB)