Checkbox decorator in Python Plugin

Is there a way to create a set of checkboxes in the GUI using vtkPythonAlgorithm decorators? Perhaps using xml?

Yes, See Examples/Plugin/PythonAlgorithm

Thanks. I found the dataarrayselection property it in the PythonCSVReader example. I kept looking for something with the words “checkbox” in it. For those who are curious, here’s my simple implementation, adapted from the PythonCSVReader example.:

# Add this function to the top of your code, above the class definition
def createModifiedCallback(anobject):
    import weakref
    weakref_obj = weakref.ref(anobject)
    anobject = None
    def _markmodified(*args, **kwars):
        o = weakref_obj()
        if o is not None:
    return _markmodified
# add this code to the __init__ (self): function
        from vtkmodules.vtkCommonCore import vtkDataArraySelection
        self._arrayselection = vtkDataArraySelection()
        self._arrayselection.AddObserver("ModifiedEvent", createModifiedCallback(self))
# This is the checkbox property
    def GetDataArraySelection(self):
        return self._arrayselection
# We can access whether an array is checked or not with
        self._arrayselection.ArrayIsEnabled('One') # boolean 1 or 0