chrome browser crashs when saving state to glance file

Now, I have a MRI image in nii.gz format, I could open it in paraview glance and save it to glance file. And I’d like to draw some annoations (bounding box and some text in color) on the image. So I convert the image to numpy array, draw the annotations, and convert it back to itk image, and finally load it to paraview glance. And chrome browser crash when I try to save state to glance. The annoated image is in RGB color, and the original image is grayscale. Is that a problem?
or is there any storage size limitation on the image? My nii.gz is about 100~200MB.

Could you possibly be running out of memory? If not, does the issue persist if you downsample your image to ~50MB?

No, the computer memory is 16G, and only half is used. I only need to provide these glance as sample data, so I create a glance file as described in this post for now.
The chromium shows error code 64000.