Cinema Database Output

(Niklas) #1

Dear All,
I am trying for some time now to get Cinema Database output working. I am using ParaView 5.6 and ParaView Master from Gitlab and the new Catalyst/Cinema exporter within The output usually works and produces a number of files and images, however the import into ParaView as Cinema Database and the use of the web based viewers causes problems. I am using the Cinema D standard and the D web viewers as referenced on the Cinema website. Neither of those work with the data exported. My file structure in comparison to the examples also looks quite different. Also the definitions in the json file. In ParaView, I can open my Cinema Database, and scroll through, for instance, different iso-surface levels, but as soon as I move forward in time, it crashes. Can anybody use the Cinema D Database correctly for viewing in ParaView and using the web based viewers? Any help is appreciated.
Thanks and Cheers,

(Niklas) #2

Is anybody using CINEMA together with ParaView? I actually really like the approach, and me and our users would definitely love to use it, but I have the feeling no one really uses it in production, or at all …