Cinema deferred rendering options with volume representation


For volume representations, can Cinema still handle deferred rendering? If yes, are both the Composable and Composable+Recolorable options valid?


Recolorable is not supported.

Composable Volume rendering with Cinema should work but will have artifacts. The artifacts have to do with depth/blending. The implementation is to volume render the object in isolation, recording the fully volume rendered RGB and nearest depth surface. When redisplayed and composed with other objects, everything behind the near depth surface (inside or behind the volume) is then rejected instead of blended onto.

How much time/effort do you think it would take for someone at Kitware to make it so that the recolorable option wasn’t available if one of the objects in the view had a volume representation? Would it make sense to do the same for the composable option as well since there would be artifacts? Maybe a warning would suffice since for Cinema output not all of the output is expected to be spectacular.

Not long. I like the idea of a warning.

Added a gitlab issue.