Circle surface visualization


I’m new to paraview. I recently got a problem while using paraview to visualize the results.

I run the simulation with Europlexus software and write out the *.vtu file.
When I opened *.vtu file with paraview, it worked properly. However, I couldnot view the “ball” as it should be.

I think that it could be a problem related to circle surface visualization in Paraview. Does anyone has any suggestion please?

Please find in attachments:

  • Q1-1: paraview results
  • Q1-2: reference result by Europlexus
  • Q1.vtu: vtu file

Thank you in advanceQ1.vtu (756.2 KB)


The “ball” is not exported by europlexus. Nothing ParaView can do about.

Thank you Mathieu for your quick answer.

It seems that the center of the “ball” is exported, am I wrong?

Thank you very much


looks like it is.

So do you have any idea to display the “ball” in paraview?

Thank you

Sure, recover the center and radius of the sphere, then add a a Sphere source using these values.

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Here’s a state file that places a glyph centered at the point extracted using Extract Selection.

state.pvsm (397.6 KB)


Thank you so much.