I just downloaded the latest nightly build of Paraview (28 nov 2019). When I open CityGML files (Lod2) I cannot se them in Paraview. Under the information tab in the statistics box there is also NA written for the information to be found there. Now, I have no clue why this is so, and I really would like to get the geometry of the CityGML files into Paraview. Would anyone know more about this?

@ben.boeckel : Looks like CityGML is not in the release.

What a pity. What is your suggestion then?

You can definitely build ParaView yourself and enable CityGML, or wait for us to fix the issue.

On the download page I downloaded the night-build @ nov 28th 2019. CityGMLreader is included there: I realiazed that I can succesfully read LoD3 files as LoD3 is the default LoD for the reader. However, I cannot find how to select another LoD to match my data. Supposedely there is an option to select another LoD (LoD2 in my case) ? But I don’t know where!

@danlipsa Seems that there’s a file that the CityGML reader can’t read? @christianLejon Can you provide an example file that doesn’t work?


Główny Geodeta Kraju (eng. “Principal Surveyor of The Country”) is the holder of the data. Data was gathered from:

1465_N-34-138-B-c-2-4.gml (193.7 KB)

Indeed you’ll have to set LOD to 2 read your file. That setting is an advanced property. Either ‘Toggle advanced properties’ (the gear button) or search for ‘LOD’ to see that setting.


Oh yes! I found it and now it works just fine. Thank you for a good work! /Christian