cityGMLReader Problem Opening


I’m trying to visualize a few cityGML (LOD1) files I received from a third-party with paraview 5.9.1 and It fails to show the elements. I receive no errors along the way. However, it shows “NA” for all the parameters after opening and nothing appears on the screen. I tried a couple of other cityGML files from different sources but only one of them actually showed city elements. Could you please show me where I’m doing wrong?
PS: I attached one of my cityGML files in case you want to test it.

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LOD1_374_5825_1_BE.xml (3.4 MB)

We don’t handle solids in the reader yet.

So the problem is you use

<gml:Solid …>


It seems that under the gml:Solid element you have surfaces defining the solid, so you should be able to use the following instead:

<gml:MultiSurface …>


Thanks for your quick response.
Does it suffice to simply replace bldg:lod1Solid tag with bldg:lod1MultiSurface and also <gml:Solid …> with <gml:MultiSurface …> in the original file?

It should. It’s worth a try.

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