clean to grid taking a long time

I am running a 2D transient simulation and visualizing with paraview

following some recommendations here I am beginning my pipeline with “clean to grid”. however now whenever I move between frames the process takes about 2-3 minutes. furthermore the cleaning is not “saved” when move back to frames that I already saw. is there a way to clean all the frames, let it run for as long as it takes but then be able to work smoothly?

many thanks


Hi @nathanbl ,

You can either:

  • Save the results of the “Clean to Grid” to disk and open it again
  • Add a “Temporal Cache” filter
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Thank you for the answer Mathieu, how should I save the results? I am working with windows. when I save the state the “clean to grid” process is not saved.

Use File → SaveData

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Thank you Mathieu, this works!