CLI or script based paraview execution

Hi all,

I have been using ParaView lightly for a few years.

I want to make a process more automated.

Basically I run a script in c++ and get two .pvd files that I use with a .psvm file. I have multiple files and I want to basically skip the paraview analysis and just save the data as an animation.

I would like to do this automatically or from bash/python or some other CLI type thing.

Is this possible ?

Hi @fieldofnodes

Yes, use pvpython for that.

Do not hesitate if you have follow up question, you will probably want to use OpenData and SaveAnimation.


I can execute some simple python code in the viewer.

I have a question.

I want to load a psvm file along with two other pvd files, then I want to save the animation. How can I do this with the python window?

I am keen to write a bash script where I can input the psvm file, the two pvd files and the out filename and be able to replicate this process when ever I have a new animation.

Any advice on this?


then I want to save the animation