Clip and Slice fines mesh

Hi all i have fine mesh 100x100x3, then i want to clip become small mesh 12x16x3 or 576 cells, but what i have 12.3x16x3 and consist 624 cells i cant exactly clip in the corner of cells
any one help me12x16x3.vtu (68.3 KB)

Looks like you are working with a perfectly regular grid. You should not use unstructured grid but image data, and then use the Extract Subset filter.

but i have to used unstructured grid, for applied to my simulation.


  • hit image
  • now, using “Select Cells On” (or hit S) and then draw a rectangle to select all of the cells on the side facing you.
  • goto Edit | Find Data dialog, and invert the selection by checking the Invert Selection checkbox
  • extract the selection by hitting the Extract Selection button

State file attached.state.pvsm (232.0 KB)

Alternatively, you can ressample your unstructured grid into an image data by using RessampleToImage filter.

since i used RessampleToImage
my type of cell was change become Voxel from hexahedron. is it?

thank you


thank you for alternative way


since i used clip and invert selection
for visualize was done.
when i couple with my simulation, i need coordinate of point consecutive.
is there any menu to recalculate the coordinate of point and cell?
( it have to start from point 0 0 0, …,…)

any comment