Clip colours in a contour plot

In the post-processing packages for commercial CFD codes, there is often a feature where you can “clip the colour scale” on a contour plot, so that values that are off the end of your defined legend scale are plotted as transparent. For example, if my legend scale goes from 0 to 10, red to blue, then areas of the contour plot that have values 0 to 10 will be coloured, values less than zero or more than 10 will be transparent (if I select the clipping feature).

Is there such a functionality in paraview?

It is not automatic but easy to do in ParaView

  • Open your data
  • Color by the array you want
  • Click on the “Edit color map” button
  • Rescale the color map with the bounds you want
  • Click on the “Enable Opacity for surfaces”
  • Use the attached square opacity function as shown

Perfect @mwestphal - many thanks!

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