Clip filter not working

I have a dataset with a bunch of cells that I’m trying to use a Clip filter on.
The cells are being represented as ‘Point Gaussian’. When I add the clip filter and then click ‘Apply’ it just does nothing. Any hints?

Click on the eye juste on the left of “out_out0540-cells.vtk” to hide it.

Thanks for the response Mathieu. When I do that, all of the cells disappear…

Right, because your dataset does not contains any cells. There is a filter in master for that (ConvertToPointCloud) but I suppose you are using a release.

Can you share your dataset ?

Here is the dataset:


Use the following to generate vertex cells:

  • Add a Glyph filter
  • GylphType: 2D Glyph
  • GlyphType: Vertex
  • Apply

Now all other filters will applies correctly.

Thanks Mathieu, that did the trick. For anyone arriving via Google, here’s a screen recording of the steps I took: Paraview tumor clip - YouTube