Clipping a specific area

I would like to clip my surface with a section (both rectangular and circular) of the size I want. However, if I choose a plane, there is no option to select the size of this plane, meaning that I should clip the whole volume in that direction, but I only want to clip a part of it.
Is it possible?

Thank you in advance for your help

Clip with a box or a sphere instead ?

The problem is that if you want a small area of a complex geometry, you need then to cut other regions you don’t want, for example in this kind of structure for cutting if you want to cut the arteria carotis sinistra close to the aorta, and nothing else.

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Cylinder clip should do the trick.

Nice! Can I then select to keep what is not inside the clip? because I would like to keep the aorta with the other arteries, and not only the arteria I am cutting

check/uncheck Invert