Clipping based on .stl or .obj file

Relatively new to ParaView. Looks like a quite simple operation, but cannot get it working.

I have results from openFoam and would like to Clip using a closed (watertight) .obj or .stl file. Is this possible?

Thx, Peter


Hello @HiAeroCycling ,

If your meshes are already triangulated, or if you can afford to Tetrahedarlize and Extract Surface, you may be interested in the vespa project, which brings powerful geometry processing filters to ParaView thanks to the CGAL library.
In your case, you may want to look at the boolean operations as described in the following blog

Dear Charles,

Thanks for shift response. I’ll have a look at those options.

Just to make sure: there is no “simple” Clipping available for this in ParaView? I mean instead of using “box” or “sphere”, using a .stl or .obj?

Not that I am aware of unfortunatley.

Here is a trick that might help: Slice/Clip with a surface

Hi Kenneth,

Thx. Tried many times, but no luck. Result was nothing.

Attached screenshots of Input files and the empty Output

Anny suggestions?

Hi Peter,

I wanted to inquire if you had made it. I also need to use a stl file to clip my data.