Clipping into annulus by subtracting two cylindrical Clips

Hi there,
I have a rectangular box of fluid. I use a cylindrical Clip and a Slice to create a disk shaped plane of the data. My question is how I can create an annulus shaped plane? I tried creating two cylindrical Clips with one having a bigger radius than the other, but I can not find an option to subtract the Clips in order to get to the annulus region in between of them. Thank you!

P.S. I use ParaView 5.9.0 on Ubuntu 20.04


An annulus can be created using the Disk source.
Sources > Geometric Shapes > Disk
Next, you may want to use the ResampleWithDataset filter to map the fluid domain values to the created annulus.
Filters > Alphabetical > Resample With Dataset

Hi Kyoshimi,

I tried to do the same to my data but it does not seem to work correctly for me. I am attaching a few screenshots hoping they can help you understanding the issue. Thank you!

The first image is a simple Slice just to make sure that some velocity gradient does exist at the location that I intend to create an annulus. The next two images show the steps that I take to create it.



Transforming in the Properties tab is only an apparent transformation, so to really transform, you need to apply a Transform filter.
Filters > Alphabetical > Transform

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Hi Kyoshimi,

It works now. Thank you very much!