Clipping voxel data for volume rendering with an arbitrarily oriented clip-plane efficiently


Some years ago tried to realize a PV plug-in that would clip large voxel data with a clip-plane (or other implicit function) for volume rendering efficiently by masking the voxe data instead of using the available clip-filter which cuts each voxel and results in an unstructured grid which takes much longer to render (as does the filter itself).
@utkarsh.ayachit gave a lot of feedback and tried to create such a plug-in and wrote (

As I was working on the XML, it occurred to me that unfortunately this
cannot work in ParaView currently. The reason being that the VTK
module that contains the Image stencil classes is not enabled in the
default ParaView build. Also, there seem to be other issues with using
Image Stencils due to the general lack of support for the same in
ParaView. It will need some work to clean that up. I’m reporting a

The bug is now on GL:

Are there now other options to achieve the original goal of clipping large voxel dataset for volume rendering more efficiently than with the default clip-filter?