codesigning Paraview for MacOS

I am a developer for VAPOR, a 3D visualization application similar to ParaView, developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Like ParaView, we use CMake with the Unix Makefiles generator to produce our installers. We are trying to configure our build system to perform codesigning on MacOS. Does anyone know how this gets configured in ParaView? I’m not seeing anything in CMakeLists.txt or the CMake directory. Thanks!

Hi @sgpearse , the signing process is carried out by a signing script in a different repository on a designated machine at Kitware. Let me see if it is okay to share the script code with you.

Great, thank you.

Hi @cory.quammen, do you have any news on whether the script can be shared while omitting sensitive information? Thanks again.

Hi @sgpearse

Check out the signing script for CMake. It is better documented than the one for ParaView and is already public.

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