Coding guideline

We are happy that our CFSReader plugin got integrated and we very much appreciate the help and support of the kitware guys - with very special thanks to Mathieu but also to Ben and Cory.

I offer to add to the documentation some guidelines I learned during the review process. My idea is we briefly discuss here the approach and location, I would then make a suggestion via a merge request and leave it to you, if you are interested in using it or not.

One location would be within paraview in Documentation/dev/git/

The other location (which I did not know about before) is within vtk Documentation/dev/git/ either based on the master or in Ben’s merge request

My suggestion is to have it for paraview but link to vtk.

What I extracted is basically not that much, following the above suggestion, I would remove what is already in vtk.

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You are very much welcome to do so and I’ll be happy to review :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is my proposal

I realized that the style guide of VTK’s is only in Ben’s branch but not on VTK’s master. I did not want to refer to a merge request and therefore created a file which could be extended/merged and referred also from VTK.

There is some more content in Ben’s branch but I did not want to copy it but partially the instructions overlap. For my description I skipped what is enforced via clang-format from the robot anyway.

Feel free to use the proposal, not use it or ask me for some changes :slight_smile:

With respect to the guidelines, this is purely what I extracted from the reviews - it is not my ideas and actually quite different from my style of own code.