color by volume

Hi, I’m new to ParaView and couldn’t find a straightforward answer in the tutorial:

I’ve got a skeleton and need to colorise the bones with a jet heatmap by their volume sizes, e.g. big volumes red and smaller ones blue.

I’d appreciate any help, best,

What is the type of your data ? Is there a way to identify the diferent sutrctures ? Are they connected ?

It’s stl models. Yes it’s possible to identify the different structures.
They exist either as single bones (multiple stl files) or one file – all in one.

So you are trying to compute the volumes within closed surfaces ?
Nothing of the sort exist in ParaView yet, afaik.


Yes I’m trying that. Ok thanks for the info.

Yeah, nothing in ParaView computes the volumes inside an enclosed polygonal mesh. The capabilities exist in VTK, and it wouldn’t be too hard to throw together for someone with enough time.

Elaborating, vtkMassProperties can be used to compute the volume of a polygonal geometry, vtkConnectivityFilter can be used to identify separate pieces in the STL.