Color legend location changes in the exported PDF or EPS file

I am using the Paraview 5.6.0 64-bit. I can successfully load my vtk file and visualize the data. This is what I see in the layout window

I saved this visualization by going to File and then Export Scene. I noticed that when I choose either PDF or EPS format, the location of the legend in the generated file changes to the lower left corner.

This issue has been apparently reported before too at

This bug has been reported to Kitware here: It is scheduled to be fixed for the spring release. Obviously, this will depend on the total list of fixes requered for the spring release. Kitware folks are amazing, but not infinite in resource!


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I have also been affected by this. In fact I went and downloaded older versions of Paraview and couldn’t find a version that does actually work. What are other people doing to get publication quality exports from Paraview?


Hi Simon, if you use image editors (like Inkscape, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator, etc) to assemble your publication figures, you can import the generated pdf/eps/svg etc format and then do an ungroup operation on the imported image. The colorbar now should be separated from the main figure and can be moved to the location you originally want to place. Then you can regroup and continue with your editing.

You can use these image editors to output the final version of the image. I guess these days it’s common to have complex multiple subfigures grouped together as one figure, so this is not adding much extra work.

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Dear Patrick,
Thank u for your suggestion, however It seems there is no tool in gimp to do ungroup operation on pdf/svg. At the same time, apparantly, inkscape does.

Hi all, do you know when this issue will be resolved ?

See the bug report listed above. Currently, it is targetted for September, but that release is filling up quickly. If the developers don’t have time to fix it, I am sure they would appreciate someone contributing a fix… :slight_smile:

This will be fixed in ParaView 5.8.1, due out by about the end of April 2020.

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@cory.quammen Is the release delayed? Tried it with Paraview 5.8.0 but same issue. Thanks.

Indeed, 5.8.1 won’t be released until early June. The upside is it will include even more bug and stability fixes.

In the meantime, you can use a nightly build that includes the fix from (select the “nightly” section in the pop-up menu).

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The nightly build does indeed export the color bar correctly now. However, the export to eps now seems to rasterize the scene and axes even if you uncheck “Rasterize 3D geometry” and select “Don’t rasterize cube axes”. I don’t know which version introduced this issue.
Is there perhaps an option to add to the configuration file to forcibly disable rasterization? It’s something I would never want as rasterized lines in a journal article look hideous :frowning:



Since the OpenGL rendering backend was updated a few years ago, I believe rasterization is the only rendering method available for 3D geometry when exporting to PDF or EPS. @martink or @Aashish_Chaudhary may know more about the current state of exporting 3D geometry into a vector graphics format.