Color Map Editor bug? I can't find "Use Below/Above Range Color" in Version 5.9.0 but in Version 4.4.0.


I have a question about the ParaView “Color Map Editor”.

In the Version 4.4.0 I can scale my color in the “Color Map Editor” also with the options

  • Use Below Range Color
  • Use Above Range Color

But in the ParaView Version 5.9.0 I do not find these options.

Are they deleted or is this a bug?

When it is not a bug, where can I find these options?

Best regards
Jörg Schmidt

Welcome to the ParaView community, Jörg!

The Above/Below Range Color properties are advanced properties accessible by clicking the gear icon at the top of the Color Map Editor.

ParaView Guide docs link for reference: 2. Color maps and transfer functions — ParaView Documentation 5.8.1 documentation

Hi Cory,

yes, hello in the ParaView community! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your fast response.

I tried a lot. It was a little bit strange but I get it and it work :slight_smile: !

I wish you a nice weekend.

Best regards