Color Map Editor - Make Bicolor Contours - Paraview

I am trying to change color map editor so that I get blue color for data points more than 0.8 and red color for less than 0.8. I have managed to make it bi-color using the Color Discretization option however I am unable to give a custom range

I have attached the screenshot. Thank you for your time and support

Use Step color space instead of Diverging

Thank you. Where can I find that option? Within Color Spacing there is a dropdown with 5 options:
Lab/CIEDE 2000

Update your ParaView to the last release 5.9.1

Sure. I will check it out. Thank you

I have installed the latest version. When I choose step its showing three colors : white blue and red how to change that?

Then remove the color point you do not want. Click on it and press suppr.

Thank you :slight_smile: